Victoria Nguyen

Iā€™m illustrator and a craftsperson who is currently based in Toronto. I enjoy using many different materials and learning new techniques in traditional and digital formats. I value versatility as an artist and enjoy working in collaboration with passionate people from different fields of expertise.

As a little girl in Grade 2, I had an obsessive love for aquatic life. All the books and all the activities I did centred on my love for the ocean. My passion was to such an intensity that my teachers could only get me to do homework if they changed my assignments to relate to marine creatures. It was wonderful to have teachers who noticed my excitement and encouraged me to learn in my own way.

Since then, I have continued to learn in my own unique way to develop as an artist. With my approach I can offer my clients artwork that show my love for detail, a drive for versatility and an interest in the eccentricities of the odd and the beautiful.